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TIR 100-2
Thermal Emissivities measured within seconds

IMG_2369Measuring principle

The surface to be measured is subjected to the thermal radiation of the black body at a temperature of 100C for a short time. To obtain complete homogenous illumination of the measuring surface the radiator is designed in the form of a spherical half-space. This allows to measure rough and structured surfaces, too. A portion of the reflected radiation hits the radiation sensor through an opening in the radiator.

Determination of the emission level results from the comparison between the reflection values of the sample and the stored  reference values of two calibrated standards.

The instruments are fabricated in Germany.



Application areas
Quality control for coated heat protection glass
Quality assurance of solar collectors
Laboratory measurements

Simple measurement in seconds
High measuring precision
Operation at the touch of a button
Measurement object remains at ambient temperature

Technical Data TIR 100-2
Spectral measuring range 2,5 bis 40 m
Emissivity measuring 0,012 ... 0,98
Precision 0,005
Measurement period <5 sec

Measurement principle



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